Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scottsdale Wedding

April 30th is the offical end of busy season (for my audit at least), which was great cause I took May 1st off for a wedding in Scottsdale (Kris's home town). One of the guys that Kris has known since Kindergarden was getting married - it was such a fun weekend!

We got a great last minute deal at the new Intercontinental Montelucia on TravelZoo and it was awesome!

I hung out at the pool on Friday while Kris went off and did groomsmen things.
Saturday was the wedding. Jenn, the bride, lives in this beautiful house that used to be a B&B, so the grounds are gorgius, thus the wedding was in the back yard. This was not you typical backyard wedding! Everyone wore white, including the guests! There were white tents, white sofas, white tulips and white candles, it was beautiful!

The bride and groom, don't they look so happy?

Some of the peeps Kris grew up with since kindergarden!

Sunday morning we got up and had brunch with Kris's long time friends the Gruell's (Kris and Mark were friends since kindergarden as well, he was a groomsmen in our wedding). It's always so much fun to see them! We ate at the Camelback Inn - the food was outstanding!