Thursday, October 30, 2008

Color Accent

So you may be noticing that some people are able to take black and white photos with only a certain color showing, and if you were like me had no idea how they were doing that. Finally Renee filled me in on how to get your photo to look like that. It's called Color Accent (if you own a Cannon Digital Camera you too have to ability to do this). At first it's hard to use, but the more you play with it the easier it becomes.

Here are some examples...

The original bouquet

Color Accent Orange

Color Accent Red

Color Accent Purple

Color Accent Yellow

Here's another example with a pumpkin patch...

Color Accent Green

Color Accent Orange

Okay so I think you get the idea...go out and try it, it's really fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fear Not...Pray Now

I got this as an e-mail forward from my sister-in-law and thought it was really well written. A man named Scott Whitley wrote it (not sure who that is, but he brought a good word so I though I would share it).

Are you sensing that there is something different about this presidential election? I was telling someone just recently that it seems like this election is far more serious than those in the recent past. Something in my spirit is very uneasy. In the past I have felt the need to pray for different elections but I have never felt so strongly the urge to pray, and pray fervently, for an election as I do for this one. I truly believe that if the wrong person (Obama) is elected this nation will be changed forever. We may not be able to undo the things that will be unleashed during an Obama presidency.

My concern about an Obama presidency is not based on politics; it is based on righteousness. Look at any of the major moral issues and you will find Obama on the wrong side of the issue, and Palin and McCain on the right side of the issue. What makes this so disturbing is that the Obama team has raised far more money than McCain/Palin and the media is unabashedly supporting Obama with every story and headline they write. Currently McCain/Palin is behind in the polls and is having a very difficult time. Some in the media have suggested that the race is over and there is little or nothing McCain can do to change the outcome. Oh how wrong they are!

Let me briefly share a story I recently read in 2 Samuel Chapter 5. David had just become king of Israel and the Philistines went up to wage war against him. So David inquired of the Lord and said, 'Shall I go and attack the Philistines? Will you hand them over to me?' The LORD said, 'Yes I will surely hand them over to you.' So David went and defeated them. He said, 'As waters break out, the LORD has broken out against my enemies before me.'

After suffering a great loss in the first battle the Philistines must have thought they now knew David's defense strategy and they would be ready for him the next time, because once more the Philistines came up to attack David. So once again David inquired of the LORD, but this time the Lord gave different instructions. He said to David, 'Do not go straight up, but circle around behind them and attack them in front of the balsam trees. As soon as you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, move quickly, because that will mean the LORD has gone out in front of you to strike the Philistine army.' David obeyed the Lord and was victorious.

This story holds a very important lesson for us at this time. In most presidential elections a frontal assault, a face-to-face battle, is what is needed. But this is no ordinary election. McCain is trying all the normal tactics but he is not prevailing. It seems no matter what he says or does it is not effective. I am convinced this election CANNOT be won using normal methods. Just as the Lord told David to go around behind the enemy and attack him there, so we must go around the face of this election and wage war where the battle is truly raging…in the spiritual realm! The fact that the normal physical methods are not effective this time should tell us that this is a very important spiritual battle and we can only win by using spiritual methods…Prayer!

What about the sound of marching in the treetops? What is that? I have read on the Internet several accounts of fellow Christians being stirred up in their spirits to pray. Many have been drawn into times of deep prayer and weeping as they intercede for Palin and McCain. Some have woke up in the middle of the night and sensed a great need to pray, other have told of how when they heard about Sarah Palin being chosen as VP that something came over them and they wept and felt a need to pray for Her and McCain. Many others are feeling the calling and urging of the Spirit to enter into a time of fervent prayer and fasting for Palin and McCain and our nation.

What is this unusually stirring that is occurring? I believe it is the Sound of the Lord marching in the trees, calling his children to act quickly to pray and fast for Palin and McCain. Think about this, what would the marching have sounded like to David? It may have sounded like the rustling of leaves as when wind blows through them, but was this time something was different and out of the ordinary. Maybe it was like the sound of the great wind when the Spirit moved on the day of Pentecost. Also, God’s people are referred to as Trees of Righteous in Isaiah 61. So the sound of the Lord marching in the treetops in David’s time is a portrait of the Spirit of the Lord moving among and stirring up his children today.

So what are we to do when we sense this stirring of the Spirit? Two things, first we are to take it as the sign that the Lord is moving out in front of us. Anytime the Lord calls us to do something he goes ahead of us to prepare the way and fight for us. When Joshua returned from spying out Jericho the Lord gave him insight to see that the Lord had removed the Jericho ’s protection so Israel could defeat them. When the Lord calls us into battle he goes ahead of us, removes the enemy’s protection, and fights for us to give us the victory. Secondly, the Lord tells us when we sense the stirring of the Spirit we are to act quickly and join Him in the battle (through prayer, fasting, praise and obedience)

This election is by no means lost. For God would not be stirring up his children all across this nation and indeed around the world, to pray, if he did not want to give us the victory in this election. And he wants us to join him in the battle. God will hear the cries of his children if we will only cry out to him with fervent, earnest, prayers for this election and this nation. If those who are being drawn to prayer by the Spirit will indeed enter into a time of prayer and seeking His face, then God will have mercy on America spare us from having an ungodly leader, I’m sure of it!

One more thought, after the last debate, so-called ‘conservative’ David Brooks gushed about Obama, 'I thought Obama had the night he needed to have. You know, through this whole 20 month marathon, I think what struck me is how incredibly even he is. And how frankly reassuring he is. It is like you’re camping, and you wake up one morning, and there is a mountain. And then the next morning, there is a mountain, and there’s the next morning, there’s a mountain. Obama is just the mountain. He is just there. He is always the same, he doesn't hurt himself. McCain can sometimes lob a cannonball at the mountain, but the mountain doesn't move, and the mountain doesn't care. And so I think his steadiness, his temperament has been the dramatic theme of this campaign, dramatic in being undramatic. And it was on display tonight. And the good part of the mountain is that he is reassuring and reliable.'

I’m really glad he used the word ‘mountain’ to describe Obama. It caused me to remember what Jesus said about unmovable mountains. Jesus said, I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.'

And it only takes a little faith!

This election can only be won by going around the face of the election and attacking the enemy where he is vulnerable, through prayer, fasting and praise. If you hear the sound of the Lord marching in the tree tops, if you feel the stirring of the Spirit calling you to pray, then move quickly into a time of prayer, for God is moving ahead of you at that time to give us the victory. May God give us ears to hear the marching!

Together with you in the battle, Scott Whitley

Fun Filled Weekend

This past weekend was super busy, but also super fun! Friday night Jen came over and helped me bake cupcakes, pecan tarts and all kinda of other goodies for a baby shower we were hosting on Sunday afternoon. We also made a diaper cake and tied ribbons on the booboo bunnies that Jen had made. We finally finished at 2:00am! Then Saturday morning Kris and I got up early and started cleaning the house, we had a lot to do since we were having a shower at our house on Sunday and a dinner party Saturday night for his small group and their families. Saturday afternoon I cooked for the dinner party - I made dark chili and white chili, it was a hit! We forgot to take pics of the dinner party (tear). Then after the party wrapped up, Kris and I headed to SROs (a sports bar near us where both the Ohio State and Penn State Alumni meet to watch the games) to watch the game with Jen (a Penn State Alum). Too bad my Bucks lost...they scored on a fumble and then we could have taken the lead, but our freshman quarterback threw an interception to end the game...

This is Jen gloating in her victory and me being sad for our loss. I was additionally sad because I lost the bet and knew I would have to spend all day at work on Monday wearing blue and white and this ridiculous Penn State necklace that Jen had (oh well, it was fair, she had to wear scarlet and grey and a buckeye necklace the year before).

Sunday a bunch of the girls from work and Rebecca's family came over for a baby shower for Rebecca and Baby Boy Kuhn (he doesn't have a name yet). The shower was really fun...we had tons of dessert and things to munch on! She got some really good gifts.

The yummy!

Rebecca and all the hostess (we're all co-workers at PKF)

Rebecca with the gifts

Rebecca got us all make-up/lunch bags (they're multi purpose) as hostess gifts, they were so cute - we loved them!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our first Anniversary

Monday Oct. 20 was Kris and my one year anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year already. The first year has been such a blessing with such a wonderful and supportive hubby - love you pumpkin! Here's a look back at some of the fun over the last year...

Our Wedding Day

Our Honeymoon - Mexican Rivera

Thanksgiving at the Lake House - redneck style

Kris and I in DC

Howell Christmas in Indiana with my grandparents and cousins

Kitchen Renovations

Trip to Arizona to visit Kris's mom - who overcame breast cancer this year! They switched wigs...hahaha

Hill country camping with Rachel and Kevin

In Denver visiting Matthew and Merv

Redoing the landscaping

Loreto Mexico with our friends Mitchell, Ed, Shannon and Rebecca...the trip was so fun - Kris caught his first Marlin.

My 10 year High School Reunion - Go Rangers!

San Carlos Mexico with Kris's Dad and Taylor and Elizabeth

Labor Day at La Cantera in San Antonio

Hurricane Ike - 15 days, no power

Okay that concludes a very high level look back at the last year - man has it been fun!

Kris bought me flowers and made me a poster from pics of the last year. I got him some CDs of his favorite bands. We stayed home and ate pot roast, watched Dancing With the Stars and ate our cake top (or really subsitute cake top since we threw ours out after the hurricane).

The flowers the Kris got for me!

Kris excited for his CDs!

Our stand-in cake top..

Us eating our cake top together - happy anniversary pumpkin!

Pumpkin Party

Ana and Jeremy Good decided to have the gang over for fajitas and pumpkin carving - it was so much fun! The boys really took to the pumpkin carving - I was very impressed by how well the pumpkins turned out!

The whole gang working on thier pumpkins...

Ana and Jer

John and Cassie

John and Sarah

Kevin and Rachel

Kris and I

The finished product

The boys with the pumpkins...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Game Day - Let's go Bucks!

Saturday was game day - so we all got up and watched part of the UT vs Oklahoma game and then headed to campus for the Purdue vs. Ohio State game. Kris had never experienced a game in the Shoe, so I was very excited for him to see campus on game day.

Here's Kris getting pumped for the game and pretending to be Brutus!

We all headed down to campus and grabbed a bite to eat at the "Out-R-Inn" - they have amazing pizza. We also watched some more of the UT vs. OU game while there. We then made our way through the crowd on campus to the stadium.

Jess, Mar and I at the Out-R-Inn

Stadium Cake - this was a replica of the Shoe made out of cake! I knew how long it took Kirby and I to make the Wall-E cake, I can't even imagine how long this cake took! We made sure to eat some on the way back out.

On the way to the Shoe.

Inside the Shoe - the fans were ready for a good game!

The real Brutus running the flag after the defense scored a touchdown on an interception (it would be the only touchdown of the game)

Kris and I in the Shoe after OSU won 16-3 - go Bucks!

After a long day of college football, Kris decided to take a little nap on the way home :)

The next day we headed to Easton (a nearby mall) to do some shopping and grab some lunch before our flights. And I discovered that there's now a Tiffany's in Columbus - it was very exciting...too bad they didn't have a Tiffany's Brutus, that would have been awesome!