Monday, October 20, 2008

Brutus Buckeye


Kris and I headed to Columbus to watch the Ohio State vs. Purdue game and visit with Jessica and Paul and Marc and Maribeth (Maribeth and Jess were both bridesmaids in my wedding). Jess and Paul bought a new house in Columbus a year ago and were so gracious to let all of us stay with them for the weekend. Mar and Marc came in from DC.

I was super excited to show Kris campus (since he hadn't been there before) and to go to the Shoe! Friday we all hung out on campus and met up with some of the professors from the business school, at the famous Varsity Club for lunch. We learned that there had been tons of Brutus' (our school mascot) put all around the basketball arena, we had to head over there to see all the Brutus'.

Dot the "I" Brutus!

Toga Brutus

Indiana Jones Brutus

Golf Brutus

Graduation Brutus

Dave Thomas Brutus

Hippie Brutus

Woody Hayes Brutus

Mad Hatter Brutus

John Glenn Brutus

Archie Griffin Brutus

Irish Brutus

Butter Brutus

Jim Tressel Brutus



The Westcott Family said...

Butter Brutus is my favorite and quite random!

The Goods said...

very random...and SO funny!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Never knew who Brutus was until now... great pics.

rudyb said...

Great pics guys! All the best.