Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

This past weekend was super busy, but also super fun! Friday night Jen came over and helped me bake cupcakes, pecan tarts and all kinda of other goodies for a baby shower we were hosting on Sunday afternoon. We also made a diaper cake and tied ribbons on the booboo bunnies that Jen had made. We finally finished at 2:00am! Then Saturday morning Kris and I got up early and started cleaning the house, we had a lot to do since we were having a shower at our house on Sunday and a dinner party Saturday night for his small group and their families. Saturday afternoon I cooked for the dinner party - I made dark chili and white chili, it was a hit! We forgot to take pics of the dinner party (tear). Then after the party wrapped up, Kris and I headed to SROs (a sports bar near us where both the Ohio State and Penn State Alumni meet to watch the games) to watch the game with Jen (a Penn State Alum). Too bad my Bucks lost...they scored on a fumble and then we could have taken the lead, but our freshman quarterback threw an interception to end the game...

This is Jen gloating in her victory and me being sad for our loss. I was additionally sad because I lost the bet and knew I would have to spend all day at work on Monday wearing blue and white and this ridiculous Penn State necklace that Jen had (oh well, it was fair, she had to wear scarlet and grey and a buckeye necklace the year before).

Sunday a bunch of the girls from work and Rebecca's family came over for a baby shower for Rebecca and Baby Boy Kuhn (he doesn't have a name yet). The shower was really fun...we had tons of dessert and things to munch on! She got some really good gifts.

The yummy!

Rebecca and all the hostess (we're all co-workers at PKF)

Rebecca with the gifts

Rebecca got us all make-up/lunch bags (they're multi purpose) as hostess gifts, they were so cute - we loved them!

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