Saturday, January 10, 2009

Texans Game and the search for Hot Chocolate!

I love football, I'm so sad the season has come to a close, mainly because now it means baseball season will start soon (yuck). Football really is the best sport (even when the Buckeyes go 0-3 in BCS games). This year I got to go to the last home game of the Texans with my friend Jen. It was a lot of fun! The first quarter was kinda boring but the game really picked up from there. The Texans even managed to pull off a win - yeah go Houston!

The only downside of the game was that it was freezing - the retractable roof has been broken since the hurricane, so all the games have been outdoors! We really haven't had too many cold days this winter in Houston but this was one of them. It was in the 40s and raining. Jen and I didn't mind it so much because we both went to school in the north so it kinda reminded us of college football and we knew you could keep yourself warm on tons of hot chocolate.

The only difference is when they expect you to sit outside in the cold the stadium makes sure to have an ample supply of hot chocolate ready for the fans...not so much in the Texans stadium, we couldn't find any hot chocolate anywhere! Finally we had to settle for drinking really disgusting coffee (at least it was warm, but it sooo wasn't the same as tasty hot chocolate)!!! Hopefully next year the roof will be fixed or they'll clue into the fact that on cold days you have to keep the fans warm! Oh well, at least we pulled off a win in the end...who knows maybe next year the Texans will have a winning season, and the Buckeyes will pull off a win in a BCS game!

New Year's Eve

Okay so I'm like a million years behind on tends to happen this time of year when I'm working long I'm finally posting my New Years post that I wrote the day after New Year's...

I've always found New Years to be kinda let down...I mean you plan for this super exciting way to bring in the new year and it never ends up being as fun as you think it will be. I always enjoy the casual New Years plans the best! This year for New Years Kris's youngest sister, Ursla and brother-in-law, Matthew were in town from Denver. Our friends Jen and Seale came over too. We all just hung out, ate Mexican food, and played games all night long, it was so much fun! The boys proceeded to beat the girls at every game we played...I mean really, they could have let the girls win once! Happy 2009!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Day

For as long as I can remember we've always gotten up on Christmas morning and had Santa Pancakes (so I of course have kept the tradition alive). My parents were out of town this Christmas so my brother and his puppy, Jadie, came over Christmas day to hang out with Kris and I. We got up in the morning and had homemade, buttermilk Santa Pancakes (yum). And then opened our gifts.

After eating yummy breakfast it was then time to open our stocking and gifts. The tree was quite full with presents, even Jadie, Vic and Trin had gifts to open!

This being Jadie's first Christmas she was quite excited to open her gift, but we told her she would have to wait, stockings come first.

Stocking Time!

After the stocking it was present time (and being that gifts is my love language, I was equally as excited to open gifts as Jadie was).

Here's Jadie opening her gift, her and Vic got plastic retrieving ducks and camo collars. Jadie's collar was pink camo and Vic's was green camo. Vic was still a little under the weather but he appreciated his gift.

I got new rain boots, a pig pot (I saw one in Mexico this past summer and really wanted it, so Kris set out to find me one), a steamer to get my floors super clean and a new SMOKEY QUARTZ RING!! It was a great Christmas!

Kris got camo, waterproof slippers, an AR-15 (nothing says Christmas like an assault rifle) and old school Nintendo.

Joe got camo pajama pants and a really nice heater for when he goes duck hunting.

Kris and I also got pen fishing poles from Kris's dad and step mom, in case we're ever driving along and spot a great place to fish! Thanks Ed & Patty!

Even Trinity got a gift - she got a pink, fuzzy, kitty bed, which is where she spent most of her day...

After all the gift opening we were pretty warn out, so it was nap time!

Once we were done catching up on sleep the boys decided to play a little duck hunt!

Then we ate Christmas dinner and enjoying each other's company. All in all it was a great Christmas!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Eve

Kris and I started a Christmas tradition last year that on Christmas Eve we would both open one present, and it would be our Christmas Pajamas! Last year we decided to start this tradition very last minute, so I rushed out on the 23rd to buy Kris some Christmas Pajamas. I had them all wrapped and was so excited to give them to him, when I realized that there didn't seem to be a Christmas Eve present under the tree for me??? Kris felt horrible, he didn't realize that HE was supposed to buy the Christmas Pajama's for ME (for some reason he though I would buy them for both of us). So this year (knowing that my love language is gifts) he knew he would have to make it up. He bought me 2 Christmas Pajamas and snowman slippers - it was awesome! I got him some super fuzzy, camo deer pjs.

Here I am with my snowman slippers...

Kris with his new PJs

Kris all dressed in camo and ready for Santa

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mikey the Penguin

I've been working at Moody Gardens on an audit for the past several weeks. While out there, we got to know the General Manager, Robert. So one day we ask him "hey can we pet a penguin?" We really were just kidding cause we didn't know if it was even possible to pet a penguin, but he replied back "yes, that shouldn't be a problem".

We were so excited! I mean really, how many people get the chance to pet a penguin? So the last day out there we went over to the aquarium and got to pet Mikey, a chinstrap penguin.

Much to my surprise, penguins are fluffy, for some reason I envisioned them being like a dolphin and slick, but since they are of the bird family, I guess I should have know they would have feathers and feel like a duck more than a dolphin.

For more information on Chinstrap Penguins check out:

We were excited to see Mikey, and glad that he was very friendly and didn't bite us while petting him. Bye Mikey, see you next year!