Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Day

For as long as I can remember we've always gotten up on Christmas morning and had Santa Pancakes (so I of course have kept the tradition alive). My parents were out of town this Christmas so my brother and his puppy, Jadie, came over Christmas day to hang out with Kris and I. We got up in the morning and had homemade, buttermilk Santa Pancakes (yum). And then opened our gifts.

After eating yummy breakfast it was then time to open our stocking and gifts. The tree was quite full with presents, even Jadie, Vic and Trin had gifts to open!

This being Jadie's first Christmas she was quite excited to open her gift, but we told her she would have to wait, stockings come first.

Stocking Time!

After the stocking it was present time (and being that gifts is my love language, I was equally as excited to open gifts as Jadie was).

Here's Jadie opening her gift, her and Vic got plastic retrieving ducks and camo collars. Jadie's collar was pink camo and Vic's was green camo. Vic was still a little under the weather but he appreciated his gift.

I got new rain boots, a pig pot (I saw one in Mexico this past summer and really wanted it, so Kris set out to find me one), a steamer to get my floors super clean and a new SMOKEY QUARTZ RING!! It was a great Christmas!

Kris got camo, waterproof slippers, an AR-15 (nothing says Christmas like an assault rifle) and old school Nintendo.

Joe got camo pajama pants and a really nice heater for when he goes duck hunting.

Kris and I also got pen fishing poles from Kris's dad and step mom, in case we're ever driving along and spot a great place to fish! Thanks Ed & Patty!

Even Trinity got a gift - she got a pink, fuzzy, kitty bed, which is where she spent most of her day...

After all the gift opening we were pretty warn out, so it was nap time!

Once we were done catching up on sleep the boys decided to play a little duck hunt!

Then we ate Christmas dinner and enjoying each other's company. All in all it was a great Christmas!


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Wow...what a great Christmas... I am not sure if you saw my HO HO pancakes but I thought the pancake idea was a great tradition... you go with all your cool presents...

The Westcott Family said...

I LOVE your santa pancakes! Your Christmas morning sounds a lot quieter and more relaxing than mine, maybe we'll have Christmas at your house next year! Hope you are feeling better today.

ClintandGina said...

Those are the cutest pancakes I have ever seen.....very Martha Stewart. I'm impressed. Hope you guys are having a great 2009!!!

angie said...

Great Christmas post!! :) Love the pancakes!

And, ORIGINAL Nintendo is awesome - I can hear that duck hunt music/sound track in my head as I read that!

Mama Lee said...

Love the santa pankcake traditon! Could it work with waffles?... we are a waffle family!

Love the nintindo, we got an original atari set a few years ago. (Am I telling my age??) it is great to get out and reiminise...

Jeremy & Amy said...

a little behind on blog reading, but have to say that I LOOOVE your santa pancake tradition! Looks like a fantastic Christmas!