Saturday, January 10, 2009

Texans Game and the search for Hot Chocolate!

I love football, I'm so sad the season has come to a close, mainly because now it means baseball season will start soon (yuck). Football really is the best sport (even when the Buckeyes go 0-3 in BCS games). This year I got to go to the last home game of the Texans with my friend Jen. It was a lot of fun! The first quarter was kinda boring but the game really picked up from there. The Texans even managed to pull off a win - yeah go Houston!

The only downside of the game was that it was freezing - the retractable roof has been broken since the hurricane, so all the games have been outdoors! We really haven't had too many cold days this winter in Houston but this was one of them. It was in the 40s and raining. Jen and I didn't mind it so much because we both went to school in the north so it kinda reminded us of college football and we knew you could keep yourself warm on tons of hot chocolate.

The only difference is when they expect you to sit outside in the cold the stadium makes sure to have an ample supply of hot chocolate ready for the fans...not so much in the Texans stadium, we couldn't find any hot chocolate anywhere! Finally we had to settle for drinking really disgusting coffee (at least it was warm, but it sooo wasn't the same as tasty hot chocolate)!!! Hopefully next year the roof will be fixed or they'll clue into the fact that on cold days you have to keep the fans warm! Oh well, at least we pulled off a win in the end...who knows maybe next year the Texans will have a winning season, and the Buckeyes will pull off a win in a BCS game!

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The Westcott Family said...

Yikes, no hot chocolate? That's just a sham. They really lost out on $$$ b/c you know all those Texans would have been guzzling it the entire game!