Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day at the Dog Park

Friday night and Saturday morning, Kris and Taylor (you'll recognize him from our trip to Mexico) attended the Men at the Cross Conference. After the conference let out, Elizabeth and I met the boys at Mint Cafe (a yummy Mediterranean place close by) for lunch and then headed to the dog park with our dogs, Victory and Gus. Vic is a 6 year old golden lab. Gus is a 6 month old chocolate lab. They both loved playing at the dog park with the other dogs. They also enjoyed retrieving their toys from the water. Gus was a real water baby, he loved to hang out in the doggie pond. After playing at the park, they both got baths...it was a fun filled day for everyone!

Vic and Kris playing fetch

Gus hanging out in the water

Vic retrieving his toy.

Gus, still just relaxing in the water.

The whole gang after a fun day at the dog park!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Okay so why do the comments show up on everyone else's blogs and on mine you have to click on the comments box to see them? What's up with that - does anyone know how to fix that - I've been through all the comment settings and can't figure out how to change it???

PS - I love getting comments cause then I can tell who's reading :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Snapshot of Saturday

One of my good friends Dianna is an amazing photographer, you may have seen the link to her blog on mine (Karelle Photography). Anyways, she needed some help working at a kids fair at the Woodlands mall on Saturday, and since Ana and I basically staulk her blog daily for updates, she figured we'd be good candidates. She was one of the photographers at my wedding, as well as my bridals, she also shot some "experimental" pics of Kris and I downtown a few months ago!

Ana and I hung out together all day Sat at the kids fair. It was fun to people watch...and hopefully we convinced some people to use Dianna in the near future :)

Here is the display Dianna put together, it looked so nice, I like the clean lines.

Here are all 3 of us by the Chick-fil-a cow, he was our friend, especially since he was handing out free kids meals! Eat More Chicken!!

Here are some of the pictures that Dianna has taken from our wedding and when we were downtown Houston!

Go Astros!

Our good friends Sam and Carolyn invited us to go to an Astros game with them - it was a lot of fun! We met up at Buffalo Wild Wings before the game and grabbed some food and then headed out to watch the Stros. We had great seats, thanks to Carolyn being the nanny for Lance Berkman. The Berkmans were kind enough to give us four tickets to the game that night. It was too bad the Stros lost 12 to 2! But other than that, we had a great night "out at the old ball game". On Fridays after the game, they have an awesome fireworks show - the theme this week was British Invasion!

Carolyn and I sitting on the giant baseball outside of the statium

Kris pretending to be a tiger - or something???

The view from our awesome club level seats!

The awesome fireworks show after the game!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Rooster has Landed

Once a quarter or so we love to get all of our friends together and go out to dinner. We usually go to a local Mexican joint in our neighborhood, called El Gallo. It's a family owned business with great food and reasonable prices, so it wins our vote! Kris and I frequent there quite often cause we love the food and there's not much immediately around us as far as restaurants go. Since they knew us (from eating there so much) they were so accommodating and blocked off half the restaurant for our fiesta! About 30 peeps ended up coming, it was so much fun! Although, I think the highlight of the night might have been Mike's new moped and the awesome stereo system that he installed himself!

check out the system on that thing - yeah baby, yeah

Matt couldn't resist taking it for a spin!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week-end Review

Wow I'm a very bad blogger and now I have multiple blogs to post all this week- yikes! This weekend was fun filled! Saturday morning we went to Jason Kates (Kris's old roommate) wedding. It was very fun, we got to see lots of friends, and of course the wedding cake was delicious! I'm excited that Kris and I will get to dig into our cake tops soon for our one year anniversary (although I don't feel like they can really be all that tasty after a year).

Kris with our long lost friend Charles Luke, aka White Tiger (he moved to Virginia, it's very sad). Although I'm not friends with him anymore cause he said bad things about OSU and that the Big 10 Conference was weak - I'll have to have God work on my heart towards forgiving him :)

Me and my handsome hubby - you're so cute pumpkin!

The bride and groom- Janel and Jason

Then later that evening we had a "Nearly and Newly" (that's our Sunday school class) social at our house! It was really fun, we had lots of appetizers and played Rock Band (which is seriously the best video game ever - I can jam on the base guitar and Kris is pretty awesome at vocals). It was a fun, but tiring Saturday!

Some of the rockers! Rock On!

Sunday was a nice relaxing day consisting mostly of going to church and taking a nap. Here's Vic hanging out in the front yard!

The sky was so beautiful, I love Texas Thunderstorms as they roll in!

Friday, August 8, 2008

We're back...

We're back from our second trip to Mexico this year! After this extravaganza there's one thing I know for sure - I never want to own a boat! Here's the breakdown of our trip:

Day 1- Fly to AZ, drive 8 hours south to San Carlos (in a truck that barely has AC)
Day 2 - go to the boat shop to check on the boat
Day 3 - hope the boat get's fixed
Day 4 - go out on the boat that's moderately fixed (mind you we have no working radios and the swells are 4-6 feet)
Day 5 - go out on the boat - oh wait then it breaks down
Day 6 - hope that the boat gets fixed
Day 7 - pull the boat out and put it in dry storage until next year
Day 8 - Drive back to AZ just in time to find out there's a hurricane in Houston

They say the happiest two days in a boat owners life is the day he buys his boat and the day he sells his boat - so true!

Haha...actually despite all the boat problems and lack of fish caught, we really did have a blast! We went with our good friends Taylor and Elizabeth Guess and Kris’s dad. It was such a blessing to have the Guesskids with us – they made the trip so much more enjoyable. We got to eat at some really great restaurants in Mexico, the house we stayed at was amazing, we had our own pool for most of the vacation (cause our neighbors weren't home) and that was awesome! We saw some truly amazing sunsets over the water - I always love a good sunset. We also got to attend the fishing tournament banquet (even though we didn’t catch anything or even enter – due to boat problems). Kris’s dad received a special award for having been in that tournament for 30+ years (with the same boat- haha).

Overall the trip was a lot of fun (minus the minor set backs with the boat, oh and the night that we all got Montezuma’s Revenge, oh and we had to fly back during a hurricane). Other than that we had a great time and got nice tans in the process!

Kris hanging out by the awesome pool at the house we rented.

The first night there we all went out to dinner for Ed's birthday - the boys dressed up in tux shirts for the occasion.

Kris and I at dinner.

Sunset over the Sea of Cortez

This was one of the nearby fishing villages that we ate at one night.

Here we are waiting for the boat to get fixed.

Here are the boys putting gas in the boat in hopes that it will be ready to go in the morning.

There was this really cool shop in town that the back room was all glass, it was so beautiful when the sun came in through the glass.

Taylor and Elizabeth

We're finally making our way out of the harbor!

The harbor at sunset was so beautiful!

The girls!

The whole gang at the banquet where Ed won an award for being there for 30+ years.