Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day at the Dog Park

Friday night and Saturday morning, Kris and Taylor (you'll recognize him from our trip to Mexico) attended the Men at the Cross Conference. After the conference let out, Elizabeth and I met the boys at Mint Cafe (a yummy Mediterranean place close by) for lunch and then headed to the dog park with our dogs, Victory and Gus. Vic is a 6 year old golden lab. Gus is a 6 month old chocolate lab. They both loved playing at the dog park with the other dogs. They also enjoyed retrieving their toys from the water. Gus was a real water baby, he loved to hang out in the doggie pond. After playing at the park, they both got baths...it was a fun filled day for everyone!

Vic and Kris playing fetch

Gus hanging out in the water

Vic retrieving his toy.

Gus, still just relaxing in the water.

The whole gang after a fun day at the dog park!

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