Monday, August 18, 2008

The Rooster has Landed

Once a quarter or so we love to get all of our friends together and go out to dinner. We usually go to a local Mexican joint in our neighborhood, called El Gallo. It's a family owned business with great food and reasonable prices, so it wins our vote! Kris and I frequent there quite often cause we love the food and there's not much immediately around us as far as restaurants go. Since they knew us (from eating there so much) they were so accommodating and blocked off half the restaurant for our fiesta! About 30 peeps ended up coming, it was so much fun! Although, I think the highlight of the night might have been Mike's new moped and the awesome stereo system that he installed himself!

check out the system on that thing - yeah baby, yeah

Matt couldn't resist taking it for a spin!

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