Friday, October 3, 2008

Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund

Our firm is raising money and awareness for our families and friends that were affected by Ike. As most of you are probably aware, "Hurricane Ike has devastated the lives of thousands in the Greater Houston Area. They’ve lost their homes, their property, their businesses and their jobs". While Kris and I (and most of our close friends and family) have been very fortunate and only lost minor things such as windows, fences, tree limbs and food in the fridge (due to having no power for 14 days), many families have lost considerably more. Residence in the Galveston area were finally allowed home just this week, most of them having lost everything. There is still no power or water. Residence in the Boliver area have been told they are not allowed to return home for an indefinite period of time. Even more unfortunate than loosing their homes, many of these residence lost their live stock, their crops and their small businesses - these loses are now impacting their livelihood.

Ike's impact is causing a financial strain on us as well as a lot of our friends just having to replace fences, food and cut down trees, I can't imagine what kind of a strain it's causing the families along the Gulf Coast. The clean up cost after Ike is expected to exceed that of Katrina. If you or anyone you know is able and willing to donate to this cause, I know that it will not go unappreciated.

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