Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pets Rock

Pets are such a great addition to a house. We have two pets, Trinity, our calico cat, and Victory, our giant yellow lab (weighing in at about 100 lbs). They are so great! Trinity is very high maintenance and will only drink out of a running faucet, Kris has learned to accept the sound of running water throughout the house. As if that's not bad enough she's started this habit of crying really loudly at 7:00 am for the water to be turned on (yes even on the weekends)! Some mornings she'll surprise you by jumping into the shower, regardless if you're done taking it or not...she's so cute! Vic is a great dog - Kris spent a lot of timing training him to be a bird dog when he was a pup and he's so well behaved now! He gets so excited when he sees his leash and knows he's going on a walk - it's the highlight of his day! I love walking with him, not only is it good exercise, but he's so much fun. Lately he's been jumping up on the fence and catching opossums, he catches them about once every two weeks. He never kills them (or even hurts them) he just leaves them at the back door as presents. Some are really convincing at playing opossum and some are not so good at it, like this guy the other day that Kris picked up with the shelve to place outside; he jumped off mid way out of the patio into the garage - that was awesome! Regardless of our pets weird quirks we love them!




Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

That makes two of my friends today posting blogs about their pets... I miss Kitty so much but I am happy that so many of my loved ones are loved by animals... I love the blog.

The Westcott Family said...

I love little Trin! When can she come to my house and by my cat???

Karelle Photography said...

so trinity actually DOES exist!