Thursday, December 24, 2009


While I was traveling, Kris and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on October 20th! It's been so amazing to be married to such an awesome, Godly man for 2 years! He's such a great husband (especially to put up with me being out of town for our anniversary). I love you Pumpkin!!
Even though I was out of town for our anniversary we still managed to get each other gifts (which is my love language, so Kris has learned to become very good at giving gifts).
I got him a remote control airplane. It's so cool, it can do anything a real airplane can do. Kris has become very skilled at flying it. I flew it for about 20 seconds and almost crashed it, but Kris learned to fly it and take off on land and water and hasn't had any major crashes...he's amazing at it!

And as my present, Kris got me a puppy!!! PUPPY PATE, we've been waiting a while for the breeder we picked to have puppies and they finally did, on our anniversary! Puppy Pate came home on Dec. 13th! He's a white lab.

Happy Anniversary Pumps - I love you!!

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