Monday, September 22, 2008

Wall E Birthday

Since Kris was still out of town and our house still didn't have power I decided to head to Austin on Thursday and help Kirsten (Kris's sister, aka Kirby) get ready for Heath's (aka Dewey) 6th birthday party!! Dewey wanted a "Wall E" themed birthday party, which I have to admit I had never heard of "Wall E" before the weekend (for those of you who don't know what Wall E is, he's a robot in Pixar's newest animated film); I am now intimately familiar with him! Kirby discovered a "Wall E" cake online, it was so cute that we thought we would replicate it for the party. Granted, the online "Wall E" cake was made by a professional pastry chef and came with no instructions as to how to make the cake, but nevertheless, we decided, it could be done. Which we discovered it could in fact be done, it just would take about 10 hours - lol.

Here is a picture of the professional "Wall E" cake we were trying to replicate...

Here are all the supplies we decided we would need for the cake...

Here's Kirby and I at about midnight decorating the cake (oh yeah we're still going strong, we are determined to finish Wall E before the party).

The next morning we got up and frantically finished Wall E and prepped for the rest of the stuff for the party. We then headed to Hayden's football game for a little while before the party started.

Finished Wall E!!! It's not quite as good as the one on the Internet, but we're amateurs...

Hayden's football game - Go Dawgs!!!

After the football game we headed to HEB to pick up the party tray and balloons for the party (getting the balloons in the car was rather interesting, especially since the back of the Suburban was already full)

Kirby had rented a giant bouncy thing for the party (not really sure what you call those things), anyways, it was awesome! It had a part to bounce in and a basketball hoop and a slide, I'm seriously thinking about renting one for my 30th birthday! I wonder if they make those things for adults, it was greatness!?

Here's Dewey and Hayden playing it in before the party started!

The spread of food for the party - pretty impressive for a 6 year old b-day - good job Kirby!

Here's Dewey hitting the pinata (of course it's a Wall E pinata)

Apparently it also doubles as a hat...

Here are the kids scrambling to pick up the candy - wow, it was a little crazy! You would have thought they had never seen candy before - lol!

The kids getting ready to dig into the awesome Wall E cake!!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we then headed that evening to Dave and Busters to play some games! Here's Dewey in the car ride home holding his giant bear that he won! He's so cute!

It was a fun weekend, I was excited to get to be there for such a big occasion (both seeing Hayden play football and Dewey's b-day party). Plus it was just nice to hang out someplace with AC for a while! Thanks to the Howren family for having me up for the weekend!


Karelle Photography said...

Very close to the original, good job ladies!!! I'm impressed that ya'll took on the task.

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

I think you did an outstanding job on the cake... I love it you are hired for my next one.

Howren said...

That was one awesome cake. Thanks JacJac for all the hard work. You are the best!
PS-Heath says, thank you and he loved the Wall-e cake!
See you soon.
Todd, Kirsten, Hayden and Heath, Howren