Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Cards on top of the migraine that I've had for the last 2 days, my Christmas cards are giving me a headache - lol. I made the scrapblog and thought it would be cute as our Christmas card this year. So I went to Shutterfly and printed it as a 4x6 photo. I was extra careful to ensure that the image fit fully in the preview (which it did). So then I ordered my cards, all 250 of them.

Then about 10 days later they finally arrive. Well, when I pulled them out to look at them the bottom and right side was chopped off. The thumbnail that came with the photos was correct, but all 250 were wrong. So this morning I decided to call Shutterfly.

I waited for 40 minutes to speak to a representative and when I finally got a hold of someone she barely spoke English. I explained my situation and what had happened and her suggestion was to send them back and they would look at it and if they decided it was their fault they would send some new ones. Right, cause I have time for all that 19 days before I asked to speak to a manager.

After waiting another 10 minutes to speak to a manager, the phone hung up...okay I'll have to call them back later. In the mean time, I decided that I would go ahead and mail the cards even though they're not as good as I was hoping for. So now I needed envelopes (since basically I had just ordered pictures).

Then I remembered that I have 250 envelopes from our wedding that had the wrong return addresses on them - perfect! So this year everyone's getting less than desirable Christmas cards in really fancy envelopes with the return address scratched out...CLASSIC!!!


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

oh no... I am nervous now... I am doing New Years cards instead of Christmas this year and I did my picture on scrapblog and then used shutterfly to make them but I have not ordered yet... should I do something different? I am nervous now... help.

btw cute card

Jeremy & Amy said...

Jac, sorry to hear about the shutterfly issue, unfortunately, I'm not too surprised about the customer service... ugh! As for the envelopes, you are hysterical!

After hearing your story, I'm glad that I chickened out and didn't make my own this year!

The Westcott Family said...

Ugh, shutterfly woes. You know I was never pleased with the baby announcements I ordered from them. Annoying. Sorry about the hassle, but we'll love your cards anyway. Way to reuse the envelopes!