Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's very sad...I finally have free time to blog (since I have about 3 weeks of stuff to post) and I can't find that cord that connects my camera to my lap top...tear. It's just not the same without pictures.

Okay so I'll take Camille's quiz since she tagged me today :)

8 shows I watch: Wow this is kind of hard cause we don't have cable. I would say Dancing with the Stars, Everybody Loves Raymond, Priviledged...and lots of random stuff on PBC. When we did have cable I loved Top Chef - such a great show!

8 favorite restaurants: Houston's (Houston), Rum Jungle (Las Vegas), Grand Lux (Houston), this little Italian restaurant in Florence that I don't know the name of, El Gallo (Houston), Comet Cone (Greentown, Indiana), Cap City (Columbus, Ohio), Chili's (I love Chili's, you can't go wrong there)

8 things that happened today: My migraine finally went away!! My dog, Vic, had surgery, the weather changed from 30 degrees to 75 degrees, I talked to my sister-in-law who's coming to visit for New Year's, I worked my butt off, I got to leave at 5:45 (which is the earliest I've left in the last 3 weeks), I gave my hubby a hug and kiss when I got home, I went to Target for some Christmas Shopping,

8 things I look forward to: Christmas, seeing Matt and Merv, going to Europe next summer, busy season being over (even though it hasn't officially started yet), snuggling with Pumpkin tonight, 10 days of vacation from work, Vic being all healed up, giving Kris his awesome Christmas presents

8 things I wish for: a happy marriage, less stress at work, my migraine to stay gone, God's peace in my life, fun vacations in 2009, financial security, healthy kids (someday), and to be more like Christ daily...oh and can I add one more, Ohio State to beat Texas in the Fiesta Bowl.

8 people I tag:
Amy (Littlepage and Martin)

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Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

You go girl... way to play. Glad your migrane is gone... those are no good.