Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baylor Homecoming Weekend

Kris and I headed to Waco this weekend for Baylor Homecoming. As always, it was a blast! Kris's sister and brother-in-law (Trent and Ilsa Weaver) were kind enough to let us stay with them!


Friday night was Halloween, the Weaver kids were all dressed up and ready to get some candy. They had some neighbors over that also have 4 kids, so it was a full house! We went "trick-or-treating" with the kids and then headed to the bonfire and 10:30 showing of Pigskin.

Here are most of the kids on the stairs possing for some pictures...but really they just wanted candy!

Taryn and I

Trick or Treat - the boys got both at this house...they got candy, but since this was the neighborhood dentist house, they also got toothbrushes and toothpaste :)

Kris and little Trent making "tough guy" faces.

After all the candy was collected and half of it eaten Kris and I headed to campus to see Pigskin and hang out for Homecoming. One of Kris's YL guys is going to Baylor this year after graduating from Second last year, so we also got to hang out with him for a little while and see his awesome pad (aka dorm room).

Kris and Greco.

Kris and I on campus


Saturday morning we all slept in and missed the Homecoming Parade (oops) but we had a blast at the game. Baylor hung in there, almost beating #14 Missouri - it would have been a huge upset! Unfortunately Missouri pulled it off at the very end with a field goal - 31 to 28. SICK'M BEARS - it really was a great game!

Kris and Trent getting fired up for the game!

Taylor, Tatum and I watching the game

Touchdown Baylor!

Taryn, Hayden and Trent
Turned out that Hayden and Todd (Kris's nephew and brother-in-law) had come up from Austin to watch the game and were only one section away from us - so they came and watch the 4th quarter with us!

The boys - Todd, Trent and Kris

Kris and I

Sunday morning was so beautiful, 80 and sunny, it was hard to believe that it was November. We all headed to the bike and hike trail near the Weavers house to enjoy the sunshine!

Taylor, Tatum and Victory making thier way to the park.

Trent jumping out of the swing

After the park we continued down the trail to the river to check it out, it was so beautiful outside.

Even Vic was enjoying the river...

The whole gang (some of Ilsa's sorority sisters had also come in town for Homecoming)

Kris, Tatum and Vic at an old shed that was along the trail.

Taylor and Kris holding hands on the way home after a funfilled afternoon!


The Westcott Family said...

Looks like a fun family/baylor weekend. you look good in Baylor colors...if only that's where you went...then we'd be friends even longer!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Another fun weekend... you guys always are going going going having so much fun.