Sunday, November 30, 2008

Von Hohn Thanksgiving (East Texas Style)

Okay so I have a lot of blogging to catch up on - work has been busy and I've been traveling so I haven't had time to blog. But here's a quick summary...the last two weeks I've been in Galveston for an audit of Moody Gardens (pictures to come). Wednesday night I drove in from Galveston, unpacked, repacked, grabbed the food I had prepared the weekend before and then Kris, Sam and I hit the road for the lake house! Kirsten (Kris's sister) got 2 ATVs, a dirt bike and a Polaris for the lake house, they were so much fun! Wed night we finally arrived at the lake house at midnight. Kris's three siblings (Kirstin, Ilsa and Ed) were also there, as well as their 6 kids. Also Kirstin, Ed, Kris and I brought friends, so total there were 8 kids, 11 adults and 3 dogs - it was a full house!

The next morning the ladies got up and started cooking while the guys enjoyed the new ATVs. Ilsa and I also got a quick jog in before Thanksgiving dinner. That afternoon we ate tons of food, then that evening the guys went out beaver hunting (I did warn you that we were in East Texas). After beaver hunting, we all gathered in the living room and watched Kung Fu Panda (so funny if you haven't seen it). Ed (Kris's brother) brought a friend from Russia with him, Alex. She also happens to be a film major at USC, so she captured all the ciaos on film - good times.

Tatum making her film debut...

Friday the ladies went shopping (which consisted of one shop since we were in Daingerfield, TX aka nowhere). But we still managed to have a great time and spend some money! The guys and kids continued to ride the ATVs all day! It rained most of that day so they made a mud pit and went mudding, they were covered in mud when they got home! Then we ate left-overs and packed up and hit the road. We finally got home at 3am Sat morning.

Saturday afternoon Kris and I put up the Christmas Tree and met my parents for dinner for my dad's birthday. Today we went to Church in the morning and then finished putting up Christmas. I also managed to get a little work in this afternoon and now am cooking for friends that are coming over for dinner tonight. Then I will pack up and leave back for Galveston tomorrow morning - wow - what a weekend! It was so fun!

The kids with the dirt bike and Polaris

Hayden riding the dirt bike.

The spread - there was so much food - it was amazing!

Kris fishing in the rain

Got one!

The guys gearing up for beaver hunting!

Kung Fu Panda time!

A fun night of mudding!

Kris's contribution to decorating - lol


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Great pics but I have a bone to pick with you... have you ever heard of pressing the enter key.... I love all the text but my eyes start to go cross eyed... give me some spaces girl... you are killing me... LOL... Just Kidding.. it looks like you had a great thanksgiving... can't wait to see more.

Jacquie said...

I know...I didn't have a chance to format it weren't supposed to read it that fast! hahaha.

The Westcott Family said...

It looks like you did about 100 times more activity than I did over the Turkey Holiday. I just sat and ate. I need to get to the gym!

Jeremy & Amy said...

I have to say... Camille has a point about the spacing on this post! So fun to see your pictures! Did Kris's brother ever get his stuffed beavers for the spot between the kitchen and the great room? Looks like a great time at the lake!

The Littlepages said...

LOVE IT! that last pic is hillarious!